Wing Chun Kung Fu Lineage: 

Grand Master Ip Man > Grand Master Chris Chan > Sifu Z > YOU!

Lucinda Franze
I’ve trained under, Sifu Z, for years and I can confidently tell you he is the real deal when it comes to the practice of martial arts. When you start training you will not only strengthen your body, mind, and soul; you’ll be able to increase your physical agility regardless of your initial fitness level. From the novice just starting on their journey of wellness to the advanced athlete looking to reach that next crucial level, of endurance, Sifu Z, has the superior skill and experience to take you where you desire to go and even further than you thought possible.

Russell Baldwin


I trained and taught jujitsu and Tae Kwon do many many years ago and kind of stumbled on to this new studio in Pollock Pines. I just moved here and really wasn’t looking to start training again but the instructor seemed sincere and knowledgeable so I gave it a try.

Well, I got hooked again! Sifu Z knows what he’s teaching, is passionate and presents it a way anyone (or experience) can understand. Coming from a more contemporary background, and skeptical of the more traditional Wing Chun style, I can say Sifu sells it!! Although not completely ready to leave my TKD background behind me, I feel this is another “tool” in my toolbox and the power and efficiency of Wing Chun has me intrigued and looking forward to the next class.

Chad Graf

I met this man (Sifu Z) 6 years ago, and it should have been 7 but I was too lazy to get around to it. (Silly past me) after meeting him and training under the beautiful lifestyle presented through wing chun I was able to find myself in a way I hadn’t foreseen before, an incredible eye opener to being the me I wanted to be. Learning the awesome skill set of wing chun was just the tip of the berg, putting it to use in my life, I am still discovering how large that ice berg actually is.

Adrianne Hnizdil

A chance to train with Sifu Z is an opportunity not to be missed. After being a student of his and of Wing Chun over a decade ago I have not found a teacher of his caliber in all my travels. I’ve tried several different training centers and fighting styles in my journeys but the bar has just been set to high by Sifu Z. I see it as a blessing he has opened a new center within my reach yet again and will use it to my advantage. If you are near you owe it to yourself to drop in and see what he has to offer . Literal soul gold.

Justin Doig

I’ve been training with Sifu Z for 16 years! He is by far one of the best wing chun instructors to ever grace our planet! He has unlimited knowledge of the wing chun system as well as chin Na or grappling. No one puts together power and technique like Sifu Z!

Peter Svedin

I trained with Sifu Z for 3 years in college in Honolulu, Hawaii. For me what I appreciated the most training with Sifu Z was his insperation, consistency and intellect. Whether your goals are getting in shape or being challenged as a leader you will accomplish more training with Sifu Z.

Atto Napz

Atto Napz
If there was a picture of integrity, it would have this Sifuz face all over it. Words cannot express the respect I have for this man. I can’t wait to visit Mauna Kaua training center! It’s a game changer, and if anyone wants a place where they would like to reach their fullest potential of human, hurry in to connect with the facility and start the transformation this millisecond. You owe it to yourself and won’t be sorry you did. Mahalo no wau ia oe (thank you very much from me), Sifu Z!
Aloha, Atto

Sonja Warner


Wing Chun Kung Fu is incredible for your mind, body and spirit. Being able to train under, next to and with Sifu Z will have an everlasting benefit. The knowledge, the heart, the passion and the true way of life that Sifu Z brings with Wing Chun will aide you in everything you do.

On a personal note, Sifu Z came into my life at a time when I was spiraling. He took me under his instruction and trained me and helped me to find my center again. Wing Chun is definitely a personal experience that will make you stronger both inside and out.

If you get the chance to study Wing Chun under Sifu Z, your life will be forever changed.

Ben Jacobsen

Wonderful training center! Z is a great instructor!

Tina Donohue

Just went today for the first time at the Pollock Pines location. Went for a stretch and breathing class. I cannot wait to expand my horizons with other types of classes. Glad he came to our small mountain town!


Understanding and first hand experience

Harry Lardner

This Sifu is the real deal!

Brenda Siegelman

Learn from a master !