Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that originated in southern China, specifically in the Guangdong province. It is a close-range combat system that emphasizes quick punches, low kicks, and tight defense. Wing Chun practitioners train to develop their speed, power, and accuracy, and to maintain a stable, relaxed posture while fighting.

Wing Chun is known for its efficient and direct movements, which are designed to effectively neutralize an opponent’s attack and counter with precise strikes. It also incorporates principles of body alignment, balance, and structure to maximize power and minimize the risk of injury.

Wing Chun training typically includes solo and partner drills, as well as sparring, to develop practical skills and reflexes. It is often taught in schools, or “kung fu schools,” and is popular worldwide, with practitioners in many countries.

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Learn Wing Chun in Tahoe California

Location Schedule 2022/23

  • Now serving the North Beach Tahoe area.
  • Private, Couples, Group and On Line Instruction Available via Request All Year Round 24/7
  • Special rates for US Wing Chun members
  • Financially challenged individuals encouraged to train by donation/sliding scale
  • All levels of ability and interest are welcome
  • No contact and social distancing practiced. Face masks encouraged.

Schedule subject to change. Refer to this site for updates.