Tahoe Snow 2/28/2023

The snow here in Tahoe is nothing short of impressive. I’m going on day two of being snowed in from work due to avalanche dangers.

The snow has almost consumed the little cottage I live in. I have to shovel just to get out the door. Good healthy exercise – non stop yo!

I can only imagine what all this snow melt is going to mean for the lower elevations. Lake Tahoe seems as if it is about to overflow.

Chin Na is the Hidden Wing Chun

Here is a growing playlist of valuable chin na (grappling) concepts and important exercises to support the techniques. Wing Chun’s standing postures support the ground training and require a connecting of the dots that may not be immediately apparent due to gravity and body orientation.

It’s We Or Nothing

I cringe every time I hear the words “our people“. It’s we or nothing. I cringe every time I hear “The _____ ‘s”. It’s we or nothing. There’s only one special interest group and that is the interest of humanity. No subdivisions no separations. It’s we or nothing. -Sifu Z

Nite Hike Photo by Sifu Z

Night Hiking Journal 11/1/22

The 1st major snow storm arrives on que. 24* with 100mph wind gusts. Post holing knee deep in some areas. Hiking into the wind with no glasses. Icicles stabbing into my eyeballs. Duely noted. 12 miles tonite. Feeling strong.

Mass Marginalization = Mass Chaos

Personal balance is a highly dynamic challenge in our modern times. Once again the curtains have been pulled on the land of Oz. Losers last stand creates a tempting pot of gold to lure us back into the caves. Alas possession is threatened by freedom. The answers are available to all – if your dog can’t accompany you through Pearly Gates, keep walkin’. (Twilight Zone reference)

Creature of the Night

Night hiking provides some of the most spectacular views I’ve ever witnessed. The bears, porcupine, coyote and fox are all your fellow creatures. The stars, planets, galaxies and universes are in plane sight. The air is crisp like no other part of the day. Oh the Wing Chun of it all. “Siu Nim Tao!” -Sifu Z