You VS The Homeless

I’ve been hearing this a lot on YouTube and various sources that the homeless are mentally ill drug addicted and stupid. Of course this is a gross assessment of the situation especially given the housing crisis, the pandemic, the social division and unrest and the industrial homeless complex.

This really proves The Amazing Randi’s concept on manipulation. Children are harder to fool than adults. To put it differently lower developed intelligence is harder to fool then higher developed intelligence a.k.a. smart people. Smart people make assumptions and it is these assumptions that magicians politicians and those in manipulative positions of power take full advantage.

Be careful who you marginalize. 😉

Homeless Solutions

My Wing Chun is used to find and promote solutions to many problems. A leading challange to humanity has always been housing. It is literally a Human Right yet is the most violated. Those that are proactive in furthering education on the reality of “homelessness” are to be applauded and more of us must do our part in whatever way we can. #invisiblepeople

Wing Chun has the answer but the questions need to be understood before we can comprehend the answer: think Man Sau “asking hand” a rather brave and learned hand ready for the response… alert centered and focused yet calm and relaxed. -Sifu Z