A Fascist Theocracy Are We

I would say we have evolved beyond a Fascist Theocracy to a Genocidal Kleptocracy (a pedophilic slave suicidal machine as the song goes). But hey out of 8 billion of us there’s bound to be a few 100 million bad apples to spoil every sector of modern culture. How else can a person get beyond limitation but to embrace corruption with open arms.

According to this recent interview it is estimated that modern slavery (with the American child sex trade leading the industry) is catching up to the illegal arms and drug trade. I’d say it “Trumps” AR’s and OxyContin but that’s purely conjecture on my part.


Zappa pointed out the problem and it turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. Wing Chun points to the solution. (And so did Michael Jackson in his exploitive genius capitalize and popularize the solution with “Man In The Mirror”.)

Context and perspective are king and queen. As with any problem you firstly must assess your own culpability in the matter. Trust me, as a human symbiosis we are ALL complicit to some degree or another. It is from this stance of integrity that we may begin to strike the proper posture and bridge the gaps and thrust into action. This is the Wing Chun Way as I see it. -Sifu Z