Visit The Pompidou with Sifu Z

This is the first of a series of montages that I’ll be producing. The series will include more world famous museums and destinations I’ve had the great fortune to visit. As a painter Paris is a Mecca and it’s easy to see why it has sustained such worldly appeal. Some day I’d like to revisit Paris. Spend at least a few months to take it all in. Enjoy my long over due labor of love. – Sifu Z

Using Kung Fu To Learn New Things

Wing Chun kung Fu isn’t just for self-defense but can also be used to learn new things in a safe manner that typically you would avoid in fear of catastrophic danger. The same learning rules apply: take it slow and easy, practice practice practice and always refer back to the basics. Take two steps forward and one step back. Wing Chun helps us to save time and avoid injury. Now how’s that for a floor wax and a desert topping! – Sifu Z

AI Art Promting: Machine Beauty

Apparently A.I. doesn’t do hands very well. But then again perhaps AI has a much broader view of what beauty is. Humans really have advanced through the knowledge learned from the sick, diseased and infirm. The following images were created on the CrAIyon website. The music was also A.I. generated via a couple sources.

Watts on Money

Allan Watts seems to have become more and more relevant as time passes. If you listen to enough of his work you will know that he in fact is NOT a “spiritual” teacher but rather someone whom has infiltrated religion and spirituality to promote basic reason.