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Follow the discussion and join in on the topic at hand. Leave comments on past conversationz and bring your ideas to the table. This thread focuses on (but not limited to) using the Wing Chun approach to problem solve and/or gain greater perspective on the art of living. Enjoy.

Andrew Bustamante Connecting The Dots

The intellectual aspect of Wing Chun is vital to developing self-defense /security skills. If you have trained for any extent of time with me you will recognize the resonance of Mr. Bustamante’s… intel. Observe and enjoy!

How To Lead A Dolly Zoomed Life

This really is an echo of what Randi and Carl Sagan worked so hard to communicate to the world. I haven’t been to space but my perspective is identically aligned with astronaut Ron Garan. This video is Wing Chun on point and very inspirational. Team Humanity! Go team go!

You VS The Homeless

I’ve been hearing this a lot on YouTube and various sources that the homeless are mentally ill drug addicted and stupid. Of course this is a gross assessment of the situation especially given the housing crisis, the pandemic, the social division and unrest and the industrial homeless complex.

This really proves The Amazing Randi’s concept on manipulation. Children are harder to fool than adults. To put it differently lower developed intelligence is harder to fool then higher developed intelligence a.k.a. smart people. Smart people make assumptions and it is these assumptions that magicians politicians and those in manipulative positions of power take full advantage.

Be careful who you marginalize. 😉

Wing Chun 2023!

I am bringing back the Patreon site. Currently revamping my offerings and membership tiers in effort to accommodate all levels of interest from the slightly inquisitive to future Kung Fu masters. I look forward to returning to and building our Wing Chun community on this popular platform. I’ll let ya’ll know when the Patreon site is live and ready for prime time. Stay informed at

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Mass Marginalization = Mass Chaos

Personal balance is a highly dynamic challenge in our modern times. Once again the curtains have been pulled on the land of Oz. Losers last stand creates a tempting pot of gold to lure us back into the caves. Alas possession is threatened by freedom. The answers are available to all – if your dog can’t accompany you through Pearly Gates, keep walkin’. (Twilight Zone reference)