A Fascist Theocracy Are We

I would say we have evolved beyond a Fascist Theocracy to a Genocidal Kleptocracy (a pedophilic slave suicidal machine as the song goes). But hey out of 8 billion of us there’s bound to be a few 100 million bad apples to spoil every sector of modern culture. How else can a person get beyond limitation but to embrace corruption with open arms.

According to this recent interview it is estimated that modern slavery (with the American child sex trade leading the industry) is catching up to the illegal arms and drug trade. I’d say it “Trumps” AR’s and OxyContin but that’s purely conjecture on my part.


Zappa pointed out the problem and it turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. Wing Chun points to the solution. (And so did Michael Jackson in his exploitive genius capitalize and popularize the solution with “Man In The Mirror”.)

Context and perspective are king and queen. As with any problem you firstly must assess your own culpability in the matter. Trust me, as a human symbiosis we are ALL complicit to some degree or another. It is from this stance of integrity that we may begin to strike the proper posture and bridge the gaps and thrust into action. This is the Wing Chun Way as I see it. -Sifu Z

The Greatest Retort

This works for compliments but is even more poignant as a retort to an insult or slight.

“That’s a compliment coming from you!”

Mook Jong Meditation Loop

In the YouTube ⚙️ select “Loop” and use this video as a meditation to visualize the Mook Jong movements.

And I know you’ll smash the heck out of that Like, Comment and Share function and spread the Wing Chun message far and wide! Happy Training – Sifu Z

I’ve Recompiled and Re-Released “Intro To Wing Chun”!

35 Lessons of Wing Chun goodness. I’ve combined two series, the Intro To Wing Chun and the How To Apply are now conveniently one continuous series. Enjoy and please do not forget to help me grow the channel and the art of Wing Chun by Liking, Commenting, Subscribing and Sharing each video lesson. MAHALO! – Sifu Z

Using Kung Fu To Learn New Things

Wing Chun kung Fu isn’t just for self-defense but can also be used to learn new things in a safe manner that typically you would avoid in fear of catastrophic danger. The same learning rules apply: take it slow and easy, practice practice practice and always refer back to the basics. Take two steps forward and one step back. Wing Chun helps us to save time and avoid injury. Now how’s that for a floor wax and a desert topping! – Sifu Z

Watts on Money

Allan Watts seems to have become more and more relevant as time passes. If you listen to enough of his work you will know that he in fact is NOT a “spiritual” teacher but rather someone whom has infiltrated religion and spirituality to promote basic reason.

YouTube Wing Chun’s 2023 Playlists

I watch my own videos often. I think it is important to review your work and attempt to make improvements. In my own head I make perfect sense. However, when I review my content, I am made more than aware of the short comings of my communication skills. There is a reason why most people do not voice their thoughts and ideas on YouTube. They don’t want to come off looking like an idiot. I know – I often watch my videos thinking “fuck I sure am an idiot”.


What we used to use back in ‘94

So why do I do it? And why have I been doing it for so long (since 1994 at least)? Most complex ideas or concepts are difficult for even good communicators to convey. Noam Chomsky also warns us against the eloquent speaker (think Obama). The challenge of communicating the art of Wing Chun is monumental. I hope to at the very least be one of many that attempt to extol the profound virtues of our art in relation to attaining our humanity. Ip Man, Chris Chan, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Robert Downey Jr., Nicholas Cage, Donny Yen and many many more have committed a great deal of their lives being exponents of Wing Chun. It truly takes a village.

Enjoy this playlist and refer back to it as I add new videos. I am open to your ideas and advice on how I can make my videos better and more beneficial to you. Even if I am unable to fulfill your requests right away, I keep your feedback close to heart and mind. As I acquire more time and resource I will be more capable of putting the required effort towards making great videos and music that will entertain, educate and inspire… me, as much as you! lol 😆 – Sifu Z