Simplistic Gourmet

Old School Wing Chun Diet

The diet I promoted in my book “The Centerline” (currently out of print). Freshly cooked rice and beans with raw carrot and avacado. Side of chicken noodle soup. Plate of spices include olive oil, dill, turmeric, salt n pepper, soy sauce, chili pepper and garlic salt. Nutritious and affordable eating. Bon appétit!

New Digs at Squaw

Guess my lucky number is five. Luna was insisting on finer accommodations in her/our “silver years”. It took a few years to locate a suitable place to reside… at least for the winter.

It’s just the right size for us and the location is nothing short of spectacular… if it’s not on fire.

First thing I did was set up the mobile studio. I am developing some new content and will be sharing it soonish. I would like some call ins on my podcast Integrity Radio to use for the next episode. Get the app and give me a call thru the app. It’s fun and easy!

I love to cook and this has been the biggest challenge living on the road. Now to find time to shop for fresh ingredients! Diner anyone?

And the second greatest challenge would definitely be staying freshly groomed. Luna even likes a bath now and then.

Small but easy to heat in the cold mountain evenings. Vaulted ceilings are great for hanging out. Necessary for monkey/wolf hybrids such as myself. Luna is pure 100% human… so she says.

The feature of this place that Luna immediately took full appriciation of, the porch. Don’t tell her it’s also a dogs favorite thing. She is so so stoked – and thusly am I.

And this is our view from the porch. The trailhead to the PCT is literally a stones throw away from our front door. Of course I could also take the ariel tram right to the trail.

Applying my wing chun has been an incredible journey. Teaching kung fu has been like living a dream come true. At this point of my life I also get to appreciate what my students have over the years. The fantastic experience of applying the art to living.

I am not going to dox anyone on this blog (lol) but I do want to extend a warm loving thanks to those of you that have helped me especially over the past 4 challenging years. If good things come to those who wait I’d have to say it was worth it. I hope you all will come out and train with me on Mondays and Tuesdays. The other days I am logging in 12-15 miles of night hiking in preparation to re-hike the PCT.

A Hui Hou – Sifu Z

North Shore Wing Chun – Tahoe

The stage is set and now we go forth upon the adventure of gathering the players. It only seems appropriate to deem the next up and coming future warriors of humanity as – “North Shore Wing Chun” being a homage to the very first club on da North Shore in Haleiwa “North Shore Wing Chun Club” circa 1994.

I will most likely maintain similar rates as US Wing Chun so as to accommodate the fellow practitioners that visit Tahoe from the bay area. To start I will be offering Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7pm. We will add more training days as the group progresses.

Summer sessions will be in Tahoe City at a given outdoor location. Winter sessions will be held indoors. Those interested in signing up for classes should contact me directly via this site.

aloha, Sifu Z

North Lake Tahoe… Wing Chun?

Good morning from the North Shore of Tahoe. Hard to believe I started teaching Wing Chun on the North Shore of Oahu over 30 years ago. Time flys when you’re striving for humanity.

As it may occur there is a distinct possibility of opening a school in this region. I will keep you all posted as things develop. Have an amazing day!

Welcome Fellow Nomads

Z with Bob n co.

I’m not the least bit surprised at how well Bob’s next video was so well received. All the folks that work with him on the Cheaprvliving project are simply awesome in all their various efforts to promote the nomadic lifestyle.

What IS a surprise is how awesome and responsive the community at large has been to the interview. Out of the thousands of views and hundreds of comments not a single negative remark. This is unprecedented in internet history. You folks are spectacular.

Welcome to my home in the matrix. My passions are on full display. It is with great joy I offer my service to you in whatever capacity I am able.

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa to you all. -Sifu Z

Nothing Is Impossible

Such a statement is both a matter of fact and popular hyperbole. Sort of like a floor wax and a desert topping. Also reminds me of the “truth vs reality” conundrum.

As Physics Today dot org states: “Much of the ado about nothing turns out to have been merely verbal, arising from an understandable but faulty assumption that space empty of stuff—that is, the perceptible absence of matter in the familiar sense—is nothing. Contemporary physics tells us that nothing could be further from the truth.”

However. Remove the dualistic thought approach and there is an infinity of middle ground to be explored. Extreme athletes and above average intellectuals set a field that is rarely achieved by the mass majority. The implication of “impossible” is understood and our vernacular suits the ego of the status quo.

But much of what we perceive as “impossible” is more possible than our brains and emotion will permit. So sure – nothing does not exist… and nothing is impossible.

So when we are confronted with what seems to be impossible just remember. It ain’t no thang.Wing Chun!