The Emperor’s Candlesticks

The Emperor’s Candlesticks is a classic 1937 movie. The main characters name is Wilensky or Zelenskyy. Which reminds me of a thought. What if the war in Ukraine was an elaborate ploy to draw out and expose the military holdings of the west. Putin is a judo practitioner. Zelenskyy is an actor. This would be indicative of basic martial art strategy. Expose the enemies weaponry then use said weaponry/tactics against them.

Kali’s Wing Chun Roots

Here is a fantastic video that demonstrates Wing Chun as the foundation of its martial art. I will find and post other arts (such as krav magra, jiu jitsu, lua and muay thai) that have its origins in our art. We will also look into the Wing Chun strands of dna that run through many physical and intelectual endevours of humanity.