Chum Kiu – The Bridge to Understanding

Discovery and application are often separate. The use of Wing Chun’s chum kiu allows us to apply the discovery from our siu nim tao. Shortly after Hertz’s passing Marconi received the Nobel prize for the radio. Discover and apply.

I can’t help but to make the correlation between the hemispheres of producing/consuming versus reflecting/creating. I have referred to this as 4D Flow (4th Dimension) And to speak reasonably, having a dynamic balance between these contrasting behaviors can have profound affects on our overall health, emotional wealth and happiness. 4D Flow may also offer an escape from the dogma of dualism.

The modern man in me is compelled to produce and consume, to plan and execute, to pursue my will. Yet the intuitive human within me foils the best laid plans by insisting upon reflection to the point of paralysis through analysis.

Like when Grasshopper from the 70s hit TV show Kung Fu would (often right before being attacked by a bunch of Cowboys) drift off into reflection on the days back when he was a young child training in the Shaolin monastery. No wonder he didn’t get his ass kicked day dreaming like that. But he would snap out of it just in the nick of time and calmly hand out lickings like candy at a birthday party. “3 is an earthly universal factor – triangulation is key.” -Sifu Z

Kung Fu would have us both be a floor wax and a desert topping. Grasshopper would both reflect and visualize creative solutions. Then he would just at the right time mind you execute and produce results. Sifu Z Wing Chun Rule “Transition over transaction”.

As a Kung Fu master I think it’s only fair to make it clear, my claim is not to have mastered that balance but rather to have experienced and at times, have command over that balance. No, the claim of a Kung Fu master is more to communicate and express a beautiful method of attaining that balance to the future through the use of Wing Chun, the Jewel of China, the most efficient method of self correction, self-defense, self reflection and selfless action. A constant thread to humanity like the constant of the speed of light.

0, there is no such thing. 1, is individual – an illusion. 2, is squared and gets you there. 3, the working factor – three is we. 4, gets you out the door – the quantum, a real departure from common logic. It is strange, a symbiosis that is self aware yet unaware of it’s symbiosis. ⁃ Sifu Z

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