Dymaxion VS Aptera

Bucky’s 1930 Dymaxion Vehicle

In the 1930s Buckminster Fuller invented the Dymaxion vehicle. The intention was to create a vehicle that would eventually be capable of being used as a land air and water craft. This vehicle, which was fully functional on land, I believe held 11 passengers and was capable of traveling over 100 miles an hour. Due to an unfortunate set of events this vehicle never went into full scale production. The whole story is worth looking into as is the life of Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller.

The Aptera Solar Vehicle

As we approach 2023 there is a company called Aptera that has created a similar vehicle with more modest aspirations. They are using solar and AI design to create an ultra high efficiency vehicle (currently classified as a motorcycle).

This is what I call Wing Chun design! Three points of contact, efficient use of energy and light weight. They even thought of boondocking!

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